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Fundo Abstrato Ondulado

Industrial management 

Textile production and management control 

Management and production control.
 Sector-adaptive software. 
Modules for the different areas within the textile, so
simplifying the management of your 


Post all the items and costs that make up your sample and immediately determine the final cost of the sample.

If you want to modify your sample, the program has the option of "sample history" and there you can consult in detail all the changes that have been made.



After placing your order, issue a report to immediately know your needs.

Manage your stock issues and finished product input automatically.

Customized packing list template.


Automatically make requests for your order to the supplier simply and quickly via email.

order status

Meet the deadlines required by your client. With this functionality you control the entire process of your order, in each  stage of production.

Real-time reporting of production phases .


Production collection per employee/post/machine.

extra modules

Batch management.

Warehouse management.

Mixtures (paint management), composite products.

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