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Fundo Abstrato Ondulado

Invoicing module



Create your articles organized by families and warehouses.

Apply different prices for the same item.

Define types and taxes for each item.

Control your individual or total stock in each warehouse.


Issuance of all documents required by law, correctly certified and signed in   digital form.

Easily convert quotes and guides to invoice at any time.

Create documents in multiple currencies available worldwide, exemptions and discounts.

Customize the documents to suit you, namely with your logo and information about your business.

Issuing and reporting

Customer current account;

Stock inventory.

Stock movements.


VAT / Sales.

VAT / Purchases.

Tax obligations


Sending the SAFT file by email directly to the accountant.

Obtain the transport code for your goods immediately after issuing the transport bill. 

List of all documents.

Digital file of invoices to consult at any time.

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